About Me

Hello. This is the wordpress blog of Martin Herfurt. I am an IT professional living near Salzburg/Austria. As I did a lot of work in the field of  Bluetooth Security when I co-founded the trifinite.group in 2004 , my professional interest still focuses on consumer technologies. Due to my Bluetooth-centered actions from 2003-2010, this company is called toothR. Since 2014, I am working for Greenbone Networks as Sales Engineer

  1. Martinez says:

    Hello, I found out about you through some bloover.jar files that I’ve downloaded and tried opening 5 different ways or more. Can you please take some of your time to help me please? My daughter ran away and I found this cell-trackers.com on the internet. I’ve had one hurdle after another with countless hours searching and learning a little. Still I cannot figure out how to open this on my phone to be able to have some piece of mind by spying on my daughter with cell-trackers.com. Thanks in advance for your time. My number is 865-360-5977.

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