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Tricking Android Smart Lock with BluetoothThe Smart Lock Feature allows Android users (Android version 5.0 and later) to automatically unlock their smartphone whenever a trusted device, Wi-Fi network or geo location is in close proximity. Trusted devices could either be NFC tags or Bluetooth devices. Looking at Bluetooth devices, it turned out that the Smart Lock implementation had at least one security issue that got resolved. Early implementations of Smart Lock implied that when a trusted Bluetooth device was connected to the phone it was safe to unlock the respective device. The method upon which the connected Bluetooth device was identified did miss an important point, though. (more…)


fuck you very much widgetOut of personal dedication to a genius photo blog, I decided to do one of my first Android applications for The fuck you very much widget is a home screen widget that randomly displays miniatures of the photos along with the comments as posted on this blog. If one clicks on the widget, all the actual photos can be flipped through in a slideshow-like view. The application updates the feed on an hourly basis and has a fall-back mechanism for times when tumblr happens to be offline.

Keep in mind that this application – due to the mildly erotic content – would never become available for iPhones (except for jail-broken ones). So enjoy your freedom being an Android user and install this free app from the market by scanning the code with the Barcode Scanner app on your Android phone (Android version 1.6 and above).

For my part: I love this photo blog and find it very entertaining. You definitely should give it a chance – even if you are not owner of an Android phone.