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Tricking Android Smart Lock with BluetoothThe Smart Lock Feature allows Android users (Android version 5.0 and later) to automatically unlock their smartphone whenever a trusted device, Wi-Fi network or geo location is in close proximity. Trusted devices could either be NFC tags or Bluetooth devices. Looking at Bluetooth devices, it turned out that the Smart Lock implementation had at least one security issue that got resolved. Early implementations of Smart Lock implied that when a trusted Bluetooth device was connected to the phone it was safe to unlock the respective device. The method upon which the connected Bluetooth device was identified did miss an important point, though. (more…)


In the last blog-post on this blog,  I focussed on the use of Google analytics in HbbTV applications. After almost two months, the situation has changed quite a bit. (more…)

hbbtv_analyticsAfter yesterdays talk at 30C3, a very intersting question was asked by a person the audience. The question was, whether the stations that use Google analytics in order to track their viewers are using it in a legal way. In order to use Analytics legally, the tracking code has to be used with the anonymizeIp parameter. So I took some time and checked the stations red button pages in order to find out, whether the tracking code complies with the law. (more…)