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When I first played around with asterisk in 2006, I was overwhelmed by all the different options and features that this full fledged open source PBX comes with. Back then I installed an administration front-end called FreePBX. This freely available UI helps you configuring all different and complicated scenarios easily. You don’t have to touch the text-based asterisk config files.

Due to some stupid errors on my behalf, I had to do a new setup of my telephony system, recently. Again, I decided to use FreePBX as a management interface, but this time with Asterisk Version 1.6 underneath. The documentation always refers to the older 1.2 version, but using Asterisk 1.6 (compiled from source) works without problems with FreePBX.

Now, it is very easy to configure features like conference rooms, waiting queues, voice menus and blacklists (for those annoying phone marketers). In order to receive calls, I registered a bunch of numbers (for different purposes) at sipgate. In Germany, it is necessary (since ) to proof that you are living in the respective location you are registering the number for. Sipgate Germany solves this via verification letter or fax.

If you got interested in playing around with your own installation, then check out the following pages:

Tell me about your experiences… especially if and how you got fax working 😉